E2E Challenge – Week 6 – Yeah! A Fresh New Week!

Guess what?  It’s SNOWING!!!

Right this minute, even as I type this update. Not enough to stick and pile up, but by golly, we’re getting snow.  The boys are positively giddy, convinced we’re getting a blizzard and there won’t be any school tomorrow.  It’s hard not to laugh at them.

Here’s the prescribed update for Week Six.

1. Item of clothing and a picture of me. Mir probably needs to smack me upside my head on this.  No progress on a new dress. Or even a used dress.

2. Weight This Week: 161.0. Waist 30″. Weight up a bit more, waist down. It’s freaky, but really?  I don’t give a fig. My clothes continue to get baggier – my new dress pants are a size 8, and I no longer wear a large. As a matter of fact, the mediums are no longer tight, either.

3. Goal Recap

Shed Five Pounds:  Today I’m doubting it will ever happen.  I’ll probably feel more optimistic tomorrow!

Do Five Pullups:  This week I worked a series of “Dropdowns” that made me really really sore, but I’ve been assured that eventually I’ll be able to crank out more than a single pullup. Yep.  I feel stronger already.

Firm Up the Arms:  Yes again. We worked double kettle bells on Thursday.  I did presses, cleans and snatches with 24 pound bells – one in each hand!!

4. Books

The End of Overeating by David Kessler.  Holy Cow, what an eye opener!  I’m in the middle of the information about restaurant chains and the descriptions of how their food is so processed and laden with fat, sugar and salt…I may never eat in a chain restaurant ever again!  It’s just as bad as fast food.

I continued to read along with Jenny at  A Minute Captured.  Reading my Bible is proceeding.

5. Catch up with the Challenge Buddy.  Hey Jo!!

7. Visit Other Challengers:  Yes!  I find that I’m better at catching up midweek, as Sunday evening is spent prepping the offspring for school on Monday.

8. I do hereby solemnly swear to NOT QUIT.  Amen.

Snow! Keep the Faith.

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4 thoughts on “E2E Challenge – Week 6 – Yeah! A Fresh New Week!

  1. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! The measuring tape for me is nice, but the scale is not. Not sure what’s up. You’ve got to find something soon, you’ve only got 7 more weeks to go. Wonder what it’ll be? Hummm.
    Have a great week Angela. Blessings!!

  2. I’m with you on the 5 lbs. Convinced that as long as I stay under XXX, I’m okay with it. Size 8’s??? Wow, gurl! I can get in them, but wouldn’t want to wear them for very long. But with 5 lbs gone? Yeah, that would be just right. Have a great week!

    1. Yeah, because if I quit, I truly believe that obesity will kill me. No way, no way. I intend to live a very long time. Barring any terrible getting hit by a bus while biking accidents, of course.

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