Friday’s Letters – July 13

friday's letters

Hello Chickies!  Mercy this week has been crazy busy.  This is the first opportunity I’ve had to fire off a blog post.  How fun that it gets to be Friday’s Letters!

Dear Mr. Pea –  You often give me grief over my lack of coordination and the extremely strange situations I often find myself in. For instance, Sunday evening when we were out riding and  the left crank arm came off of Princess Grace!!  There I am on the side of the road with the crank arm stuck to the bottom of my shoe.  Thank goodness I was able to get my other foot unclipped before I toppled over into the ditch, but oh! I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get untangled from the bike.  I’m standing there straddling the bike on the side of the road – I couldn’t get my foot with the crank arm attached up and over the cross-bar without tangling in the brake and gear wires, and because the crank arm was no longer attached to the bike, there was nothing to ‘push’ against and get my shoe unclipped. I kept leaning over trying to pull it off with my hand, but I just couldn’t.  What did you do?  Stood there and laughed with me, because it really was quite ridiculous. Then you pushed me all the way home.   You rode your bike right next to mine, reached over and pushed me all the way home.  You’re my hero.

Dear Trail Ride – 

You were hot and dusty, but you Totally Rocked!  (That’s Princess Grace on the back of the rack.  Her name is a nod towards her lovely color, as well as a tongue in cheek statement regarding my own ability to stay upright whilst on a bicycle.)

Dear Neighbors  – If you don’t want to take your toy with you when you move, my children will be happy to give it a new home.

And, the parade was lovely!

Dear Windowsill Dove – Admittedly I was a little put out that you chased your fledgling out of the nest, just days after I took his picture.  Yes he could actually fly on his own and probably find his own food, but still.  It seemed a little un-motherly to me.

You are now redeemed!

Dear Architect – You look very colorful today.

Dear Cherry Ames and Princess Pea  – You are lovely, and I’m so glad you’re my daughters. It will be very sad this fall when I’m the only female in residence at the Pea Household.  Every trace of frill, sparkle, glitter and pink will quickly be replaced with bike parts, helmets, mud and food crumbs.  I’ll most likely be overcome by the smelly socks, sunshine meat and Axe bodyspray.

Dear DirtBike – You make me smile!

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 Record the Minutes.  Keep the Faith.

EMail Anglea Pea

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – July 13

  1. I so enjoy your “minutes” – you may yet one day inspire me to try journal-ing my week as well, although it will pale in comparison to the life you lead balancing work, home, family, friends, and bicycles… 🙂

  2. So love your Friday letters…really creative and very funny. I have the opposite…sons off to college and both girls still home : ) Have a blessed weekend.

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