Minutes – July 16


Praying for

  • Jen, with prayers of thanksgiving!  The chemo has worked it’s wonders, and her leukemia is once again in remission.
  • DirtBike, that he finds his way through these frustrating teen years
  • Kevin, for some relief as he struggles with the responsibility of his family
Grateful for
  • air conditioning
  • Cherry Ames’ first ‘big girl’ job, as a unit clerk in a local hospital.  They will work with her nursing school schedule – yeah!


I continue to get in many miles a week on Princess Grace, as well as keep up with CrossFit classes.  I’m amazed that I can do 100 pushups in a single workout now, and it no longer hurts for days after.    I wish I hadn’t wasted so many of my younger years not being fit.  The plan going forward is to be the healthiest, strongest, coolest Grandma in the world in another five years or so.


It’s done!  Finished, wrapped up and delivered to lovely Baby Bean.


The lineup this week includes

  • Hamburgers
  • Turkey Panninis
  • Copycat Panera salad with spinach, grilled chicken, strawberries, mandarin oranges and poppyseed dressing
  • Blackened Tilapia
  • Pasta with fresh tomatoes and grilled zucchini
  • Fish Tacos
  • The Architect’s Birthday Cake!


The entire Pea Family rode in the Parker County Peach Festival this weekend. 26 miles of fun for all of us except The Architect.  He only did the 9 mile loop because he rode in the Smurf Boy endurance race the same evening:  four hours of single track goodness.  There wasn’t a junior division, so he was riding with the big boys, men 39 and under. He came in 6th place, completing 6 loops in the four hours, stopping only to change flat tires and refill water bottles.  Oh, and the last hour or so of the race was in the DARK!  With Headlamps!

::looking ahead

Our next family bike ride will the the Tour de Cure – we’re shooting for the 60 mile ride, but may finish at the 30 mile marker.  It depends on how blasted hot it turns out to be that morning…

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2 thoughts on “Minutes – July 16

  1. Oh yes, the healthest, most strongest, most beautiful grandma (some day no hurry) there is. 100 push-ups, that’s awesome.
    Take care and so glad Jen is getting better. Blessings!!

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