Friday’s Letters – July 20

friday's letters

Dear Mr. May – Have I every told you how much I admire your photos? I mean, I admire you, too, because you’re just a super neat person, but today?  Today’s photographic offering is particularly striking.  First because they are all black and white and I am a total sucker for black and white photos; and second, because my heart zings with glee when I see your perspective on buildings and places I pass (and slightly ignore) every day walking or biking.  It makes me anxious to get outside and go see what you see!

Ya’ll can see Mr. May’s photos HERE!!  Seriously.  Go see.  And take a moment to smile at the Grandbaby on on the right side of the blog.

Dear Princess Pea – Whoa!  What an amazing find on the chairs for your apartment!

Dear Windowsill Dove – What a good job you did sitting on those eggs!  I can see two little babies poking out from under you now.  Sorry, friends, I tried to get a picture of the wee babes, but Windowsill Dove would not cooperate and stand up for me.  She’s much more protective of the fluffy babies than she was of the eggs.  Perhaps in a few days when she needs to go fetch food for them I can get a good shot.

Dear Mr. McClendon – Thank you for the lovely compliment on the project plans at the bid opening yesterday.  We engineers don’t get positive feedback on the plans we create very often.  Heck, we hardly EVER get to hear “That was a great set of plans!”  We’re more likely to hear “I wouldn’t build it that way,” or “You left out this or that.”  Thank you!  Now lets’ get busy building this road.

Dear Chocolate Brownie – You were delicious.

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 Record the Minutes.  Keep the Faith.

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7 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – July 20

  1. You seem to have a wonderful positive outlook and a great sense of humor! lol…Dear Chocolate brownie: you are gone. Beautiful photography!

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