Friday’s Letters – August 3

friday's letters

Dear City Water System Computer Model – You have occupied every spare brain cell I have this week, and I am SO glad you are up and running.  Now play nice and let me calibrate you quickly without tearing my hair out. 

Dear DirtBike – Halleluiah!!  You made it!!  This has been a long, anguished summer, with  much angst and many tears [mine].  You aced Algebra, Son!  You conquered Spanish!, You rocked conjugating verbs en español, even though your teacher (ahem, that would be ME, Chickies!) doesn’t speak it fluently.  You made it to 8th Grade.  Let’s get our work done DURING the school session this year, m’kay?  Because I really don’t want to do this again next summer.

Dear Windowsill Dove Babies –  Wow, you grew up fast.  I looked out Tuesday morning to see you both strutting up and down the windowsill in front of my window! Now you have fluttered to the ground and are hanging out in the shrubbery where your parents still bring you an occasional bite to eat.  Live long and prosper!

Dear House Air Conditioner – Thank you for hanging with us for another week.  I know you’re old and tired.  We really, really appreciate your hard work.

Dear  Dr. Ford – Thank you for your very interesting, enlightening lecture at the Eckenfelder Lecture Series.  Yes, the industry DOES need to start paying more than just lip service to recycling water.  We can’t continue using freshwater for hydraulic fracking.  Your stories about Dr. Eckenfelder were just the icing on the cake, what a privilege to have know him.

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 Record the Minutes.  Keep the Faith.

EMail Anglea Pea

P.S.  Because it’s so ridiculously hot and I feel crabby sassy, this will be my favorite saying for the next few weeks. At least until every Pea Family student is safely back to school, with all their belongings, immunizations, haircuts, shoes and books.  (Thanks Roxie for the idea!)

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – August 3

  1. I think our air conditioner (28 years old) is trying to die, but we (ahem, Chris) keeps reviving it. We are still in a pattern of 100-113 degree heat…come on baby, you can do it! (the air conditioner & Chris)

  2. I love the letter form of this post. I may have to try that sometime. Way to go Mom for sticking with Summer school and I hope your AC keeps on truckin’.

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