Friday’s Letters – August 10

friday's letters

Dear Sales Rep from a Local Pipe Manufacturer – The entire incident was absolutely hilarious.  No harm, no foul.  I wish I could have seen the look your face in that second that you realized that something was wonky with your phone and that my incoming call was magically linked to the conversation you were already having.  I REALLY wish I could have seen your face in the second that followed when it occurred to you that you just said something wickedly inappropriate to a client (me)!!!

Dear Architect – You cannot leave a tub of Axe hair pomade in the console of the car in the summertime where we live.  It is more than 100 degrees outside, which means that it’s about 732 degrees inside the car.  More importantly, you cannot leave that tub of hair goo laying sideways in the console.  Why?  Because it turns to liquid and oozes out of the screw top lid.  It fills the little tray and drips down the side.  You may now go clean the car.

Dear School – Seriously?  It’s already time?  Time for books and schedules, homework and projects?  Time to drive my daughters far away and leave them to the adventure with smiles and tears?

It’s a bittersweet weekend in the Pea Home.  Pray for us this weekend, for safe travels, for no strained backs from schlepping furniture up stairs, for grace and patience.

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