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Minutes – August 13


Praying for

  • Princess Pea and The Favorite Extra Daughter, starting on their Grand Adventure in AggieLand!
  • a Friend who is reeling with grief and shock at the unexpected deaths of her brother and cousin
  • The Architect, for a smooth transition back to school
  • DirtBike, for an end to the pubescent testosterone overload that is making him totally unreasonable every waking moment.
Grateful for
  • summer tomatoes
  • chocolate – I’ve needed much this week


Yeah for the week!  It’s still hot but I have access to an indoor gym and made use of it.  The exertion helped with my own anxiety.  Let’s hear it for endorphins!


Oh my gosh, this is So Cute!

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Salad and Sandwich Week was a hit. We’re still in the hundreds this week, so it continues.

  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • Turkey Wraps
  • Cobb Salad
  • Pizzas on the Grill
  • Pesto Pasta and a Salad
  • Hoagie Sandwiches


According to DirtBike, we have no fun. Ever.  See?  Totally unreasonable. TOTALLY.

::looking ahead

Boxing up the odds and ends that Princess Pea forgot, like her coffee mug and her blue jeans.  (They were in the dryer.)

School started today, Which means that there are piles and piles of forms to fill out, books to cover, homework and studying.  DirtBike announces today that homework is a total waste of time, and that school stinks.  He’s convinced that Mr. Pea and I are insane because we insist that school work be completed before biking ensues.  He has argued unceasingly for the past three hours that he does not need to write his summer reading notes in complete sentences with the first word capitalized.  UNREASONABLE, I TELL YOU!!!

We are all tired today and particularly sad because Princess Pea is far away and Cherry Ames leaves in a few more days. Tomorrow will be better, I just know it.

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2 thoughts on “Minutes – August 13

  1. That pig is adorable. Good for you for working out so consistantly. You inspire me to try harder.

    I am dealing with my own DirtBike(s), they are 8 and 4. I read somewhere that 4 year old boys and 8 year old boys get a surge of testosterone just like a teen boy, that’s why they are so stinkin’ unreasonable.

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