Friday’s Letters – October 19

friday's letters

Dear Homecoming Week–  Yeah!  The big game is tonight!  I love high school football.  Oh!  I heard something funny from a friend of mine.  Her grand-nephew plays pee-wee football, and she called it Bobble Head Football.  Why?  Because little boys look so silly with their skinny bodies and chicken legs and that big huge helmet on their heads!

Dear Architect – Aren’t you glad those stitches are OUT?  I’m sorry you still have to keep it taped up for a little while longer.   It’s for a good reason – that scar is going to be big enough without stretching it out before it heals completely.  Don’t worry – you’ll be strong enough to get back on that bike in a few more weeks.  And you’re right.  It was a very good thing that you had shaved your legs in preparation for that race the morning of the accident.  It would have been a bear changing bandages and tapes and such with bear-hairy legs.

Dear East Side Breakfast Cartel –  Wow.  I love it when it’s my turn to cook breakfast for the Cartel.  Nothing beats fresh waffles in the conference room at work on a Friday morning.

Except maybe homemade Meyer lemon marmalade to spoon on top of the waffles.

Dear Princess Pea – A ‘B’ on your Chemistry Exam?  HAPPY DANCE TIME!!  I’m so proud of you, Honey!

Dear UTA Department of Civil Engineering – What can I say?  I am absolutely DELIGHTED to be on staff now!  I’m going teach a college course, my friends!!

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 Record the Minutes.  Keep the Faith.

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4 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – October 19

  1. I always like your Friday Letters, and I’ll bet the actual addressees absolutely cherish them. And teaching a college course – wow! Congrats!

  2. Mom–I am SO HAPPY you took that job!! I know you’ve been wanting it for a LONG time now, and you can finally be a real teacher!! With your OWN class!!

    Love you to the moon and back.
    Cherry Ames

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