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Minutes – October 15


Praying for

  • Mom Pea, as we make decisions regarding her living arrangements.
  • my students, that they all find a last reserve of brain power to finish their last semesters of college, and that they find work as graduation approaches.
  • a friend and her husband, as they battle the cancer dragon.
  • for Jen, for recovery from this round of chemo and for relief from the pain from the surgery to drain fluids from her heart and lungs.  She’s fighting a tremendous battle, breath by breath.
  • for Judy Darling – Please pray for Judy to bolster her courage as she marches forward into chemo.
Grateful for
  • drop cloths and blue tape
  • cooler mornings
  • Princess Grace
  • GORGEOUS days perfect for biking!


Sleep will continue to be a priority this week, this time for Mr. Pea.  He needs some rest! Last week ended up CRAZY with meetings, school things and work, and menu plans went out the window in favor of soup and sandwiches.  This week I’m committed to relaxed family dinner time, a time to reconnect, laugh and plan together.


The Great Paint Toss was a SUCCESS!!  I was so skeptical, but willing to give Dirtbike leeway.  His older siblings all got to design their own ‘teen’ rooms, so I couldn’t deny him, other than to draw the line at painting the room black.

Before, with the Army themed walls. Then two hours of taping drop clothes in place and sealing off everything that wasn’t supposed to get splattered.

During.  DirtBike and the Bestie threw the paint.

None was spilt, and only a few drops got on the ceiling.

After.  I like it.


  • Beef and Bean Chili
  • Ravioli with Roasted Butternut Squash (for real this week!)
  • Chicken Curry
  • Grilled Chicken, Roasted Broccoli and Cauliflower
  • Hamburgers
  • Cajun Shrimp with Garlic Grits and Spinach


DirtBike’s Birthday!  Paint Throwing! – See Above.  He’s happy and it looks super cool. I’m hoping it will inspire him to keep his room tidy.  Huh.  A Mom can dream, right?

The Architect’s stitches come out this week – yeah!  We’ll have a small bike ride with him, just to feel it out.  He’s already griping because I’ve told him he’ll have to take the clips off and put regular pedals on until he’s completely healed.  Can’t take a chance of more damage.

It’s Homecoming Week, which means major Mum Making time.  When the girls were home, we hosted a mum-making party every year, and I’d cover the pool table with the hard top and set up shop.  Always fun.  The Architect doesn’t have a date this year – he didn’t know if he’d be able to walk/dance by Homecoming.  There are still a few days left, so I’m geared up and ready to make a mum if necessary.  Fun!

Other fun – I’m starting on *shhhhh* Christmas!  Yup.  Extra freezer meals stashed, cookie dough mixed up and frozen and making lists and filling the calendar.

::looking ahead

Stitch removal for The Architect, volunteering at the concession stand with DirtBike for the volleyball tournament, a slower week!

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4 thoughts on “Minutes – October 15

  1. Angela, I don’t know what to pick from this CWA to comment on..It’s all great, but those pics of the room and the paint toss. Amazing!
    Prayers for the friends mentioned in need of healing graces.
    Blessings! +

  2. So many need prayers. I will send up a prayer or them all as well.
    I love the paint!! It looks great, and fun!
    Prayers for your week and hope it all goes well.

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