More Minutes – December 4, 2013

Time for Prayers of Thanksgiving and HAPPY DANCING!!  My pathology came back clear…no invasion into the lymphatic system.  ULMS is an ugly, vicious cancer, my friends…my statistical survival rate just jumped from slightly more than 0% to way more than 80% which is NORMAL for a woman of my age!  (Oh yeah.  Those statistics include death from getting hit by a bus or eaten by a bear.)

I will live to be a Grandma!!!

angela pea

8 thoughts on “More Minutes – December 4, 2013

  1. Thank you St Andrew!!! Our family specifically prayed for you and your health in our St Andrews Christmas novena and look at that…only 5 days into the novena and good news abounds!!! Thanks be to God!!

    Watch out for bears and Keep the Faith.

  2. Most awesome!!! Such a truly loving God for such a wonderful God fearing woman. Now watch out for those buses and bears. :o) Blessings my friend!

  3. I could cry. BEST NEWS in a long while. Oh thank you Lord. Thank you Mary, Joseph and all you fighting Saints. THANK YOU!

  4. Thanks be to God!!!! I had such a peaceful hour in adoration today….and you were at the top of the list for my intentions! So happy for this wonderful news!

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