Ahhh…The Shoes

Many have asked, and who am I to disappoint my Groupies?  Since I have reclaimed my camera from Teen Daughter #2, here are some shots from Monday.

Me.  In the Shoes.  Standard Cheesecake Pose. Ill-fitting skirt.
Closeup of the Shoes.  Note that mine are a little different shade of green than the original web shot.  Ignore the dust bunnies under the table and the ding in the floor. 
Yes, I wore this to work.  It was too loose, and kept sliding around all day long, but it’s such a nice neutral brown that went perfectly with the apricot top and *the shoes*.


4 thoughts on “Ahhh…The Shoes

  1. Wow, you are looking great! Time to alter that skirt.As for choice words, I didn't say what I hollered! No, I try to avoid them, really. It hurt enough without a guilty conscience. I was pretty mad, though, because I was doing a good thing, trying to get some things organized. Sigh.

  2. Oh, my! I LOVE THOSE SHOES!! Tell me where you got them, Please?! Wonder if they carry my size? *sigh* Probably not. But, it's worth a shot.You look FANTASTIC, btw. I love the whole outfit, ill-fitting skirt and all. (To be honest, I didn't even notice until you said something. Heee! I just thought it was a loose one.)

  3. Look at YOU! Looking fab I must say! Shoes really suit you and loving the model work. How great does that loose skirt feel??

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