Learning to Run – Week Three, Third Run – Flasher!

Third Run – Done.  With a little extra flashing thrown in for excitement.  I decided to run outside today, mostly because I needed a break from ‘the guys’ around here.  Everyone’s all basketball this, baseball that, and ‘ooo-gah’ I can benchpress five billion pounds.  Gag Me!  It’s still windy, VERY windy, and as I started to cross the bridge over the Trinity River I noticed that the updraft seemed a little stronger than ususal. Buy the time I got to the middle of the bridge, I could feel my hair standing straight up and WHOOIE!!  There went my shirt!!  I’m struggling to pull it back down when I noticed the lady in the car that was going by was laughing uproariously.  I just smiled and waved, girls, smiled and waved.
I won’t be running tomorrow because my aching joints need some rest, and I’m scheduled for a day long specification writing class for my mandatory continuing education.  I do, however feel a rant coming on, and may just be inspired to post it.

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