My Thoughts About Deprivation

Today was Weigh-In Day, Chickies – down another 0.6 pounds! I’m celebrating every ounce!
 Today’s topic was Deprivation.  Not the kind of deprivation that involves making whoopie on a trapeze or torturing small animals; rather, the mental part of losing weight.  What makes us feel deprived?  Why do we automatically crave chocolate the moment someone says “Oh, you shouldn’t eat that”?  It’s a delima for sure, the contrariness of the human mind.
We need to allow ourselves to have food treats – there is absolutely nothing wrong with eating a piece of cake on your birthday, or having some icecream in the summer.  However, we have to plan for these treats.  Save up points or calories and work them into the weekly menu, or commit to the exercise necessary to burn off those extra calories.  That’s how I handle my treats.  I exercise to earn the points, then indulge in a food treat. 
The lovely sandwich above?  That was my treat for the week.  I ate one just like it (sans onions – blech!) for lunch today, piled high with veggies, banana peppers, turkey, ham and even cheese.  It was worth 9 points for a half sandwich.  I savored every bite, enjoyed the heck out of it. I also rode my bicycle for an hour, earning 8 points, making this a 1 point sandwich.  

There is nothing about eating that we should feel guilty about. Everything is allowed in moderation – and I have to be willing to pay with either exercise or with a weight gain. I’ll take the exercise, thank you. EMail Anglea Pea

6 thoughts on “My Thoughts About Deprivation

  1. “Everything is allowed in moderation – and I have to be willing to pay with either exercise or with a weight gain.”LOVE this. This is my mentality and I love being able to eat anything I want (in moderation and with smaller portions AND/OR with an increase in physical activity). It makes me love this journey. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the loss! And the hour long bike ride! I'll take the exercise, too, so I can enjoy a few things “in moderation” of course 🙂

  3. Totally agree. We have to PLAN and account for those occasional indulgences. I wouldn't sacrifice for cake (it would have to be something amazing), but for pizza or a pastrami Reuben, yeah, I'd do a week of cutting down to earn enough for THOSE. If it's cheesy and fatty, I want it. :)And it can't be daily. It has to be…occasional. :)You're doing well, still losing. Man, you're at my goal weight, just about. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your positive weigh in! I love it when I see the scale reduce, it's like so much motivation towards future exercise comes from it. Everytime I have a successful weigh in, I get so ecstatic that I leap onto my rebounder and bounce on for like an hour because I am so overwhelmed and need to not only burn off the energy I feel, I want to really get on with more exercise so that I keep losing weight! Again, congrats and keep up the good work!

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