Sweet Shot Tuesday – Fortitude


I was out on a job site taking some post-construction potos and found these grape hyacinths growing in the gutter.  Not just any gutter, mind you, but a deep gutter that I designed specifically to carry storm water runoff down into a larger channel.  These sweet babies held on through the winter storms and spring rains of the past two years and are still just as exhuberant as they can be!   

Lenten Challenge Following Ann, counting my blessings. 

221. Grape Hyacinths
222. Knowing that God give me the strength to endure
223. My own fortitude
224. My stubbornness…sometimes I get what I want!
225. Brain that is now healed, only a smudge on an image shows that there was ever a stroke
226. Strong legs that let me run
227. Strong arms to carry heavy loads
228. Very strong back – I can lift grain sacks!
229. Broad shoulders, the kind that carry responsibility easily and willingly
230. Nimble fingers that can knit, sew, knead bread, thread beads
231. Lips to kiss
232. Knees and hips that are pain free
233. Soft stomach, even with the silvery marks that prove that I carried many babies
234. Collar bones that are now visible after shedding the pounds
235. Elbows and wrists to lean on and daydream
236. Eyes to see
237. Ears to hear
238. Mouth to speak
239. Hands to hold
240. Heart to love

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8 thoughts on “Sweet Shot Tuesday – Fortitude

  1. oh oh!! I found you through Darcy, for the Sweet Shot… and now I see you're following Ann, too. That book, her words, the blessings and life all around me that I was taking for granted… it's challenged me in new ways and truly changed my life. Lovely picture and lovely post.

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