E2E Challenge – Week 13

Stand By for Photos….

They’re in Cherry Ames’ phone.  Mine is broken.  It was in my pocket when I had a gnarly fall today mountain biking.  I scraped up my right arm pretty bad and may have hit my head a little harder than necessary.  Cherry Ames, kept stopping along the trail to check my pupils and make sure I could track with my eyes.  Which I couldn’t, but I’m pretty sure I’m like that in my normal state of mind. 🙂

I almost, almost made it up a steep, rocky incline.  Got my front wheel over the rim, but then, then…The bike simply flipped backwards, like popping a wheelie, and I took a tumble back down the hill.  I remember the incredible expressions on fellow riders’ faces as they watched it play out in slow motion, and I remember having the foresight to kick the bike out of the way before the handlebars cracked my ribs. THANK YOU to Bryan Malatesta for teaching me how to fall properly in self-defense class.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have remembered to roll and or get my feet up to push that bike away if he hadn’t made us drill falling over and over and over!  Somewhere along the way my bum ankle got a little wrench and I have some lovely bruises. But was it fun?  Heck yes!!  Best ride in ages.  Northshore is such a lovely trail, and actually pretty easy except for that one incline.

My prescribed update.

1. Item of clothing and a picture of me. Oh yeah, you saw it last night.  I’ll post pics of my lovely skinned arm as soon as Cherry Ames emails them to me.

2. Weight This Week: 160, exactly the same.  I have officially gone down another undergarment size, as well as a pant size.  Makes no sense to me either, except that I’ve been weight training for six months now.

3. Goal Recap:  Pounds, Pullups and Arm Toning.  Pullups – still working on those.  I have eight months to work up to multiples. Arms?  AWESOME!!  Last Thursday, we were swinging double kettlebells, and I was cleaning, racking and pressing FIFTY POUNDS!!    Yes, you read that right.  Fifty Pounds, my friends.  I felt like such a rock-star, and I wasn’t sore the next day.  As for the rest of the week, one other weight/kettle bell session, 15 miles on the paved bike trail, 9 miles of mountain biking today (four before the Great Fall and five after) and  more week pulling in the garden.  Oh, and I cut a dead limb from the hackberry holding up the clothes line, with a hand saw, not the chainsaw.

4. Books

End of Overeating. Done!!  Just in time, for sure.  I’ve now taken up Primal Leadership, by Daniel Goldman.

5. Catch up with the Challenge Buddy. Yes! Hey Jo!

7. Visit Other Challengers:   Yes.

8. I do hereby solemnly swear to NOT QUIT.  Amen.

Learn how to Fall.  Keep the Faith.

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9 thoughts on “E2E Challenge – Week 13

  1. Ooof! gore photos soon… You are such a rockstar. I’m sad that I miss your updates all the time. Something is up with my email subscription. Much love. I’m really glad you’re in the RFSC!

  2. hope you are better soon! I hope you are safe and sound at your home and didn’t experience damage yesterday.

  3. Oh, Angela! I said you were self-sufficient before I knew you had fallen. I stand by it especially now, since you even know how to fall! I hope you’re okay still and haven’t had too much soreness and bruises. Still awaiting the pics, though…

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