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Minutes – September 10


Praying for

  • calm and rest in this busy time of year
Grateful for
  • Cold Front!! Oh the sweet joy of being able to go outside and not feel like my lungs are being scorched!
  • the amazing biking community that as a whole is so welcoming and encouraging to beginners
  • continued progress in Clearing the Decks
  • The Architect’s amazing biking skills!  He placed second at the Sansom Park Fall Series ride.  This trail is mean:  full of rocks, hard climbs loose gravel and sand traps.  He finished without incident – no blood dripping crossing the finish line! (Seriously – I won’t ride this trail – it’s expert rated, sort of like a black diamond ski run.) 


More biking scheduled this week, as well as a few good long walks with Max the Dog.  I also intend to keep up with getting more rest.


The uniform pants are finally hemmed!  Yeah!  I’ve started knitting a new scarf for myself from some gorgeous cashmere yarn.

DirtBike is halfway through a V-22 model for his history fair project, and it’s looking grand.  He also brought me a sketch of how he would like to have his room repainted.  It involves splattering electric yellow, green and cobalt blue paint on one wall.  I like the idea!  Of course, it’s sad to see the little boy army camo paint theme go away.


Yeah!  Still under the century mark for temperatures, so I’m still cooking!

  • Grilled Chicken and Broccoli Salad
  • Dirty Rice, Green Beans and Tossed Salad
  • Barbeque Dinner –  for the Stephen Breen Foundation.  The boys will be waiters…
  • Shrimp Gumbo
  • Turkey Sandwiches
  • Hamburgers
  • Blackened Tilapia, Zucchini and Corn


Weekly ride with the Mayor of Fort Worth, mountain biking on a local trail with a friend who is new to off road biking,

::looking ahead

Facilities Committee meeting for The Architect’s school, Stephen Breen dinner, teacher conferences, knitting, cooking, laundry, work, and cutting down a few dead trees.

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7 thoughts on “Minutes – September 10

  1. ……a few dead trees! Yes, sounds familiar. We have 4 that need to come down-no make that 5. One can wait another summer maybe. So disappointing to lose them, but the only time they look cool is on Halloween!

    1. Nah…not all that ambitious. I’m a HUGE proponent of ‘cooking ahead’. We’ll spend an entire Saturday once a month chopping, prepping and assembling main dishes, then tossing them all in the freezer. I’ll pull a meal from the freezer the night before and put it in the fridge to thaw. The first person home starts cooking, tosses together a salad and nukes a bag of frozen veggies. Some days I’ll put a frozen dish in the oven in the morning and program it to cook and be done by the time we’re expected to all get home. It thaws in the oven before cook time starts. I always cook double and freeze half for later in the month. My crockpot is my FAVORITE small appliance. (Don’t tell the coffee pot!)

      Of course, the biggest thing in our favor is that all of our kids know how to cook now, and they’re all old enough to work unsupervised in the kitchen.

    1. It’s going slowly. I’ve been sort of sideswiped – I didn’t expect to miss Princess Pea so much! (Cherry Ames too, but her leaving two years ago was buffered by the three who were still at home.) The day to day is getting easier, especially as the boys settle into the school routine. I think we’re all going to survive!

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